Wednesday, March 7, 2012

As I said in my earlier account, Charles and Lucie were engaged, but now Charles and Lucie are happily married. Today I decided to venture to their house to congratulate the couple. Even though I haven’t become better in my appearance than before or even changed a bit, I felt more secure to say the least on this beautiful sun shining day. After a few moments of polite discussion I took Darnay aside to speak to him privately; I plead for forgiveness for my actions and asked to be friends. In response, Darnay acted as if we had already been friends... this act of kindness was strange to me. I let him know that the consequences of my drunken times haunt me and I hope that I will not be judged of something that happened in the past. Truly, I want Darnay to forget about the night at the tavern after his trial. When I became more drunk than usual and lost control of my self and spoke of whether I liked him or not. As well as my sudden confession to Lucie after their engagement. But he seemed to understand. He seems to forgive me and my past, though it sounded as if he was just being polite. I admitted that I am incapable of becoming a better man; however, Charles was very sincere to me and agreed to let me come and go to his house as a friend. It makes me happy to know that I may visit if I would like to even though it may be only a rare occurrence. Charles impact on me is very significant. I hope maybe one day I will be able to impact his life. Maybe something in me is changing for the better, or am I just as undesirable as ever?

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