Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Since Charles and I have become friends, I drop in occasionally to spend an evening with the Manettes. Whilst sober. I've begin to consume much less alcohol for the sake of my friends. That word flows off my tongue in an odd way. I've never used it as much as I have recently. Unfortunately Darnay has had some conflict with revolutionaries. He was arrested earlier this week by the French and Madame Defarge since the discovery that Charles is apart of the Evermonde family even though he claims he has denounced his name. Today he was released for only a few hours before the revolutionaries quickly arrested him again. I feel as though there is something more behind this. No man has ever been arrested, acquitted, and then arrested again simply because of his name. There were some interesting developments with Mrs. Pross. It seems she has found her long lost brother who is actually a spy, a Mr. Barsad whom I became acquainted with earlier this evening as I caught him spreading Intel to another spy! I think I might want to befriend Mr. Barsad. He might be useful in the near future. This is a desperate time. I cannot let a friend like Charles be a part of this dangerous game. I shall see how the situation plays out and see what can be done to help Charles and my dear Lucie.

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