Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today was Darnays' trial. The prosecutor's stated that Darnay was an enemy. They said that because of Darnays' name (Evermonde) he was part of the aristocracy. Such slander. Following the testimony Defarge read a letter aloud to the court that Lucies' father had written whilst in prison. The evidence was amazing. The accusation and trial of Charles Darnay had been nothing but a vendetta against the Evermondes from madame Defarge. The blood seeking mob was outraged at Darnay. His fate had been decided. It seems I must travel France. There must be something I can do to offer salvation. I refuse to let this man and his family down. I have talked to Mr. Lorry about our departure back to London for the safety of the Manette’s and ourselves, however for this lowly drunkard, it will only be one way.

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